Набор спутниковой навигации Ducati Zumo 395

The Ducati Zumo 395 meets the requirements of the most demanding bikers. This system easily mounts to your motorcycle with Ducati specific brackets, is sturdy, and resistant to water, fuel vapor, and UV rays. Its wide 4.3", sunlight-readable, and glove-friendly screen makes it easily-visible and user friendly. It is equipped with the ability to sync to a compatible smartphone or MP3 player and utilize Bluetooth earphones or helmet. This allows for making hands free calls and managing music all from the touchscreen display. The Ducati Zumo includes functions such as “TrackBack®”, “Adventurous trips”, and “Rider Alerts”. These enable the user to reverse their initial trip to return the same route; find hilly or curvy terrains; and be alerted to upcoming speed changes, the presence of speed cameras or camera-controlled traffic lights, and changes in helmet laws.